Auggie The 9th Is Bringing Us Into A New Era

Tree 4

Yesterday I discussed this new era that’s happening in the music industry with Hurt Everybody being a key example in the shift of tides. The group also has close associates that realize the power is in the fans’ hands as well and are pushing to deliver authentic material to those willing to listen. Auggie The 9th is one of them and probably the most vocal regarding the movement.

His recent GAWS Listening Party only confirmed Auggie’s assumption that there will always be supporters by building an organic relationship through good music. The homie FragD was in the building and did a terrific job at compiling a quick show recap, in which I also make a cameo.

If you want to partake in a fun game, count have many times I touch my now nonexistent hair(*insert sad emoji*) in less than a minute.

I digress. Auggie also randomly put out a song today entitled “Kong Is King” that samples King Krule. 6 Feet Beneath The Moon is one of my favorite albums and normally I would disapprove of anybody trying to rap over it, but Auggie somehow makes it work by mixing his brash voice and Archie’s deep-toned. Listen below.